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Our goal is simple; help hardworking people like you and your family to prepare, implement and manage every phase of your Pre & Post Retirement life, helping to ensure your “Golden Years” are just that, “Truly Golden”

How to Turn a Lifetime of Savings Into Income for Life

We don’t call our process a set of “meetings” because to us it’s more than that. It’s not a matter of selling you a product and sending you on your way. We are helping you prepare for a significant number of years. That is not something we take lightly. Your retirement income strategy takes time, effort, education, a lot of thought and open and honest communicaton.

Midwest Wealth Advisors has a custom 3-step process that has been refined over time for our clients’ benefit.

Process Outline: The following is a description of the Strategy Sessions you will be involved in while completing our process.

Core Competencies

Fee-Based Investment Management
Portfolios designed to help minimize risk and to increase returns

Retirement Income Strategies
Creating a lifetime of stable income

Retirement Plans
401(k), 403(b), profit sharing, and SEP IRAs

Fee-Based Financial Planning
A comprehensive financial blueprint

Brokerage Services
Products and Services to meet a variety of needs

Strategy Session #1:

The objective of our time together is to provide you with your Social Security Timing report or Retirement Income report, provide some education and familiarize you with our Process. During our time together we will be able to determine your current financial situation and identify/discuss your goals. We will have a better understanding of what financial and personal areas we need to improve/focus upon in order to accomplish your various goals that you have conveyed. At the conclusion, you should have a complete understanding of Midwest Wealth Advisors, how this process works and the services and strategies we provide. This should help us determine if we are all a good fit to work together. We are first to say that we are not a fit for everyone. This session is approximately 45-55 minutes in length.

• Social Secuirty Timing report or Retirement Income report
Some basic suggestions on strategies to explore further
How to Turn a Lifetime of Savings into Income for Life (Guidebook)
• Income for Life Process description (This Document)

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  Strategy Session #2:

This is an educational session during which we will discuss a variety of financial strategies. We will focus on developing an Income Strategy, Tax Strategy and Investment Strategy. These are the 3 pillars of any good retirement strategy. This session is 55 minutes in length

• Preliminary Recommendations

• Review recommendations
• Decide on implementation strategy
• Think of and write down specific questions or concerns

  Strategy Session #3:

The objective of this meeting is to implement your personal financial strategy. Here we will summarize key points of the previous meetings and present you with your own, individual, customized Income for Life Strategy. All the necessary forms and documents can be completed during our time together. This is all about you. We don’t tell you what to do with your money. You decide. You weigh the options and we only proceed further if you are ready. We will establish a time for our annual review and will meet as necessary between reviews. This session is approximately 55 minutes in length.

• Final Recommendations
• Product and Strategy documents

Annual Reviews (Ongoing for life):
At this meeting we will review your Income for Life Strategy and address any concerns or questions and make recommendations and changes when needed.

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